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January 2018 Archives

What if I suffer a blow to the head on a city bus?

Anytime people suffer a blow to the head, they run the risk of also suffering a brain injury, even if the blow is relatively minor. Brain injuries come in many forms, and may affect many victims' ability to control their actions or maintain cognitive functions at the same levels they were before the injury.

Laundromats can hold hidden dangers for customers

The owner could be liable if a customer slips and falls or is otherwise injured while patronizing a New York laundromat. These establishments can sometimes be a surprisingly dangerous place for customers, and it is the responsibility of a laundromat's owners and management to put safety policies in place that prevent accidents and injuries. Like other businesses open to the public, laundromats can have liability for accidents that occur on their property.

Passenger dies after casino boat fire in Florida

When New Yorkers board a commercial vessel, they expect it to be well-maintained and safe. However, that is not always the case. For example, a boat shuttle for a Florida casino caught fire on Jan. 14, forcing passengers to escape the flames by leaping into the cold water. One of the passengers later died.

Investigators say speed might have caused Amtrak derailment

New York residents may be interested in the findings of a federal investigation into an Amtrak derailment that happened in December 2017. Investigators say that a speed limit sign of 30 miles per hour was posted 2 miles before the curve where the train derailed while moving 78 mph.

When a slip and fall occurs, how do you prove fault?

One common type of premises liability law suit is the slip and fall. This is when someone is on another person's or company's property and they slip, trip, or otherwise fall down due to dangerous conditions on the premises. A typical slip and fall is a customer walking through a grocery store only to walk down an aisle with a spilled liquid on it. They unknowingly step in the liquid and slip and fall, suffering serious injuries in the process.

Can I sue because of a power outage?

During seasons of extreme cold or extreme heat, the residents of New York depend on electricity services to provide ongoing heating and cooling. Without dependable power, residents may suffer serious injury or illness because of prolonged exposure to the cold or the heat, or may need power to run vital medical equipment.

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