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December 2019 Archives

How homeowner liability can depend on an entrant's status

In New York, as in other states, homeowners have a duty to keep entrants from harm while on their property. The extent of this duty, of course, varies depending on the status of the entrant. This status can, consequently, affect the chances that an injured entrant has of recovering damages in a premises liability case.

Is a government entity liable for your injuries?

In New York, many different people from all walks of life depend on municipal services to work, play and commute throughout the metropolitan area. Of course, from time to time, the government-owned or -operated systems that we use encounter problems or may even cause an injury. Individuals who suffer injuries while using municipal services like busses and trains, or who injure themselves while on government property, may need to file a personal injury claim to recover their losses, and they must proceed carefully.

Slip and fall in Target store leads to lawsuit

New York residents are no doubt aware that commercial properties, even supermarkets, can sometimes pose dangerous conditions for entrants. When a lawful entrant is injured through no fault of his or her own, then there may be grounds for a premises liability claim.

Premises liability requires a proactive approach

Premises liability is an area of concern for any New York commercial property owner. To the extent possible, most leasing contracts between the owner and the tenant seek to place the burden for liability on the tenant as the one who likely has more control over the safety of the premises. However, an injured plaintiff can, and often does, include multiple parties as defendants. For a variety of reasons, the landlord is often included, but there are several ways for a property owner to reduce the risk of exposure in a premises liability lawsuit.

Slip-and-fall accidents on small business properties

Residents of New York should know that if they slip, trip or fall on a small business property, they may be able to hold the owner liable for their injuries. According to premises liability law, owners have a duty to prevent any dangerous conditions from arising on the property. If they are aware of a dangerous condition, then they must address it in a reasonable amount of time.

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