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Do you know how to handle an emergency in a subway car?

Riding on the subway in New York City is a good way to get around the area, but you have to ensure that you do so safely. Most riders are familiar with the basic rules, such as holding onto the poles or having a seat and standing away from the doors.

Some riders aren't familiar with what to do if there's some sort of emergency within the subway car. There are a few things that you need to think about if this happens. Examples of the emergencies that might occur, but are unlikely, including a fire or a collision.

To stay or to evacuate the subway car?

Pay close attention to what the officials onboard the subway tell you to do. Typically, the best option is to remain in the car if you can. In a situation like a fire, you might not have a choice but to leave the subway car you're in. If that's what happens, try to go through the end door to the neighboring car. The goal is to remain within the protection of a subway car.

There are instances in which you won't be able to remain within any car. If this is the case, you need to go out a side door or an emergency window. This puts you at risk of a few things:

  • Electrocution if the tracks are still energized
  • Being struck by another passing subway train
  • Falling between the railings and suffering an injury

Try to remain calm and safe

Having to evacuate a subway is a frightening experience. If you learn that you have to evacuate, you should try to do so swiftly, but don't run. People panicking in the subway cars can cause hysteria, which can lead to mob-like conditions or stampedes that cause serious injuries.

The New York Metro Transit Authority has a duty to keep riders safe. Anyone who suffers an injury due to conditions within the subway or during an evacuation may need medical care. Ultimately, filing a claim against the city for the financial damages you're dealing with might be an option for you.

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