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What if I suffer a blow to the head on a city bus?

Anytime people suffer a blow to the head, they run the risk of also suffering a brain injury, even if the blow is relatively minor. Brain injuries come in many forms, and may affect many victims' ability to control their actions or maintain cognitive functions at the same levels they were before the injury.

Can I sue because of a power outage?

During seasons of extreme cold or extreme heat, the residents of New York depend on electricity services to provide ongoing heating and cooling. Without dependable power, residents may suffer serious injury or illness because of prolonged exposure to the cold or the heat, or may need power to run vital medical equipment.

Winter weather poses a hazard to pedestrians

The winter months come with beautiful scenery, but they also come with specific hazards for people who have to venture out during the cold weather. It is important that pedestrians, people who will have to spend time outside and those who are responsible for exterior pathway care, take steps to improve safety.

What if I’m injured by a public bus?

Recently, very sad news broke throughout New York that an MTA bus and a private tour bus collided in Queens, killing three people and injuring another 16. The driver of the private bus was among those killed. Unfortunately, this type of accident is more common than you might think. If you suffer an injury due to a public bus, do you know how to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit, or even if such a thing is allowed?

Can I sue the city if I am injured by something it owns?

Injuries can happen anywhere, but in some cases it's not always easy to know who is responsible. This is particularly true for those who suffer an injury because of something owned or operated by a municipality or in a space owned by a municipality. This could mean slipping and falling on a poorly maintained sidewalk or being struck by a public transportation bus, and many things in between.

What if I get hurt at a festival?

Here in Garden City and the rest of Long Island, there are many festivals for locals or tourists to attend, and, for the most part, participants get exactly what they pay for. However, every festival holds the potential to contain some accident that leaves attendees injured.

Do know your rights under labor law 240?

For the last several years, New York has tightened regulations around construction sites, especially commercial construction sites that use scaffolding — which, in New York, is most of them. Labor law 240, commonly known as the Scaffold law, creates vicarious liability to add layers of protection to any workers who might suffer a fall from scaffolding. However, while it does theoretically add greater protection, it also creates a more complicated path to resolving claims.

Don’t settle for less after a construction collapse

There are many kinds of injuries a worker may face on the job, but a roof collapse holds the potential to be devastating or even fatal. Throughout the construction or demolition process, there are numerous ways that circumstances and faults in the structure can align at just the wrong moment to bring a crushing blow down on workers.

You can get compensation needed after a catastrophic injury

When you woke up in the hospital, you didn't know what happened. The last thing you remembered was driving your car and seeing someone else coming toward you. The doctor approaches and discusses with you the extent of your injuries. They boil down to one phrase: catastrophic injuries.

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