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premises liability Archives

Property owners owe different duties to different visitors

Premises liability law may cover situations where an individual is hurt while on property owned by another. Whether or not a person can recover for injuries depends in part upon his or her status on the property. A trespasser, for example, is someone who does not have the right to be on the property. Property owners generally do not have a duty to warn trespassers of dangerous conditions, but they may be liable for willfully injuring a trespasser.

Golf course may have duty to get rid of wasps

The next time a person steps on a golf course, he or she may worry a little less about bees or other insect attacks. This is because a California court has ruled that a golf course has a duty to protect patrons against dangerous insects. While this happened in a different state, it is not inconceivable that courts in New York will come to the same conclusion.

Ankle injuries common in slip, trip and fall incidents

Slipping, tripping or falling when on another's property can lead to serious injuries. The ankle can be hurt in particular when victims turn and twist it unnaturally in the effort to stop their fall. New York residents who are contemplating a premises liability claim will want to know the different types of ankle injuries as this will be important when determining the extent of their own injuries.

Premises liability and shopping injuries

New York is famous for its many shopping destinations, but shopping can be dangerous, especially in large crowds. Injuries that occur while shopping are common enough that "shopping injuries" is a term used in the legal area of premises liability. Shopping injuries range from slips and falls to injuries involving shopping carts.

Who is responsible if an object falls from a building

It is not uncommon for New York City residents to place air conditioning units precariously in windows. Some people may wonder whether there is any danger of these units falling and injuring or even killing someone although there have reportedly only been a few people who have been harmed in this way.

What business owners should know about premises liability

In New York, as in other states, business owners have a duty to maintain a safe environment for their customers. If a customer slips and fall, they may be able to file a premises liability claim against the owner. Even when victims are not awarded damages, owners lose time, money and perhaps potential clients while defending themselves and their brands.

Investigation ordered into roller coaster accident

Amusement park rides in New York and around the country are regulated by state, rather than federal, authorities, and potentially dangerous attractions like roller coasters are generally inspected often to ensure that safety standards are being followed. However, even rigorous safety efforts are not always enough to prevent accidents and injuries. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which overseas amusement park rides in the Sunshine State, has announced that an investigation will be conducted into a roller coaster accident in Daytona Beach that injured seven riders.

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