Many of the cases we handle come to us from former clients who were pleased with our work. We are proud to have a legacy of happy clients and real results. Hear directly from the people we have helped below:

  • You guys are a great team and the best firm out there
    All I can say is if you want someone who is determined and committed to settling your case, Mr. Restivo is the attorney to do it for you! Mr. Restivo and Lonneke guided me all throughout the case. I really gave up on this case until it was handed over to Restivo and Murphy. I felt comfortable and at ease soon as Mr. Restivo started to speak, I knew I was dealing with a bulldog of an attorney!!!! Thank you very much Mr. Restivo, and thank you Lonneke.

    - Guirlaine J.

  • The best of the best at this firm!
    Let me just say they are the best of the best at this firm!! There is no one better than them!!!!!! I will tell anyone and everyone I know to go to Todd and Lonneke!! They kept me posted every single step of the way during my case. My case was settled for way more money than I ever dreamed I would get. I was treated like royalty by them. The staff in the office is also so warm and wonderful! I couldn’t be any happier! Thank you all so much again from the bottom of my heart

    - Kristie M.

  • Highly recommend this law firm!
    I was in a life-threatening automobile accident that had me in the hospital for a month. Todd Restivo & Patrick Murphy were there from day one until now. They made sure I was taken care of throughout the entire process. They were & still are extremely clear on what they will do for you. & i's not just the attorneys, the office staff is just as professional as they are.
    I've heard stories about bad law firms all my life. Restivo & Murphy are the complete opposites.
    If you know anyone who needs a law firm you will not find a better one. I say that from experience.

    - Phil W.

  • Thank You!

    I met these amazing people in 2009 when I was involved in a motorcycle accident in which I was a passenger, the level of professionalism that was extended to me was so phenomenal and heartwarming that I was drawn into them and felt like I was being treated like family. They responded to me every need that I became so overwhelmed. I must make mention of Mr. Patrick Murphy we became great friends that I even dubbed him as “the pitbull” because of his aggressiveness towards getting me every penny that my case was worth. In the end, I was awarded a hefty sum of $87,750 and to this very day I am still with these wonderful group of phenomenal people whom I now call families.. thank Restivo And Murphy

    - Michael B.

  • Todd and his team gave me my life back

    I was first introduced to Todd Restivo by my previous lawyer, who thought that Todd would be able to get a better injury settlement for me. I was lucky that my previous lawyer was so unselfish to consider my needs above their profit. From my first conversation with Todd, I was confident that he and his staff would deliver the results that I needed to protect my future and the future of my family because I can no longer work. Todd always kept things simple for me while he worked tirelessly on my case. He kept my stress to a minimum during the entire process which really made me appreciate his experience handling injury cases. He is a great listener. I never had to ask him anything twice as he was laser-focused on every question and concern that I had. His loyalty and compassion for me and my injuries made me feel like I was more family than just a client. He is always honest and never gave an answer he was unsure about. All of these qualities really project his desire to help those that need justice. That is the type of lawyer you want, the kind that is truly concerned for your well being. He and his staff handled my case with such professionalism and were a pleasure to correspond with. They were attentive and helpful with a can-do attitude. Todd settled my injury case during the first mediation for an amount that really put my mind at ease and put all my worries to rest. The settlement amount that Todd fought hard for me to get far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Todd and his staff to anyone who is nervous about their case being handled properly or anyone that is unsure which lawyer they should have handled their case. Todd and his team gave me my life back, and I cannot thank them enough!

    - Farah M.

  • Highly recommend their firm to family and friends
    Todd Restivo and his firm handled my case with the utmost professionalism at all times. Todd was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of my case and always took the time to speak with me at great lengths to fully answer any and all questions and concerns. His office staff was friendly and returned emails and calls promptly to help me navigate the process clearly. I felt confident with Restivo & Murphy representing me and highly recommend their firm to family and friends.

    - Robert H.

  • I've got positive results
    I was injured in a construction accident back in 2013. I switched from another firm over to Restivo and Murphy because the firm I was using was not handling my case properly.
    Todd personally handled my case and kept me informed every step of the way. We were able to settle the case at mediation. I would highly recommend Restivo and Murphy to anyone seeking positive results for their case.

    - Brian D

  • Mr. Restivo is truly about helping his clients

    Mr. Restivo is truly about helping his clients He and his office went above and beyond to help me and family through a difficult time after my accident. I can’t recommend him enough and in fact, have recommended him to numerous other people.

    - Mark H.