Residential Construction Workers at Risk of Ladder Accidents

From single-family homes to condos and townhomes, construction workers move from one project to the next. While construction can be a fast-paced and exciting career, you should never overlook the fact that it is also a dangerous industry.

Even when workers and construction companies do their best to prevent on the job accidents, there is no way of completely eliminating these. As a result, many construction workers are injured and killed on the job every year.

Year after year, New York City is home to some of the biggest and most advanced construction projects in the United States. For example, thousands of workers may take on the remodel of a large apartment complex.

Ladders are used for a variety of construction site tasks. From reaching a roof to painting, ladders go a long way in making life easier for construction workers.

Unfortunately, there are times when a serious ladder accident occurs on a residential project. An example of this would be a person falling from a ladder as they near the top.

Common causes of ladder accidents

A ladder accident can happen for many reasons, with some of the most common causes including:

  • Using the wrong type of ladder. There are many types of ladder, each of which is to be used for a specific task. If you select the wrong type of ladder, such as one that is too short, it increases the likelihood of an accident.
  • Damaged or worn ladder. Although ladders are meant to last a long time, these can become worn out. Along with this, there are times when a ladder can become damaged, such as a rung that is broken off. Using a damaged or worn ladder increases the risk of a fall.
  • Incorrect placement. A ladder should only be used when placed on firm and level ground. Trying to place a ladder on an incline, for example, is a risk that nobody should be willing to take.

There are many types of construction accidents, with those involving a ladder among the most common.

If you're injured in this type of accident, it's important to do three things:

  • Receive immediate medical attention.
  • Notify your employer of what happened, including your injuries.
  • Learn more about your legal rights, such as the ability to file for workers' compensation or make a personal injury claim.