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Considerations re government entities and premises liability

Property owners in New York City and across the state have a legal duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe manner so that third parties who come onto them are not injured. That is true of homeowners, shopping mall operators, retail store owners, amusement park owners and others.

Including municipal entities.

Continuing look at walker-posed dangers: How can deaths be curbed?

New York City safety regulators and advocates have joined municipal officials from other cities across the country and globe in adopting aggressive initiatives to materially cut down on serious and fatal accidents involving vehicles. We spotlighted NYC's ambitious "Vision Zero" safety effort in our February 20 blog post of this year. We noted in that entry the hope of city regulators to someday render the metro entirely accident-free.

Although that is of course a lofty - some people might even say utopian and unrealizable - goal, an attempt to realize such an outcome is certainly laudable and worthy of pursuit.

Boy hurt when bounce house takes flight

New York readers may be concerned to learn that another child has been involved in a frightening bounce house accident. The incident took place on May 12 in Adelanto, California.

According to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department, a 9-year-old boy was playing inside an inflatable bounce house in a residential neighborhood when strong winds lifted it into the air. The house traveled around a quarter mile before landing on Highway 395, where it was struck by a car. Luckily, the boy fell out of the structure moments before the collision took place. He suffered minor injuries. The driver who hit the bounce house was unhurt.

What's behind the troublingly high pedestrian death rate?

The boroughs of New York City and the metro's surrounding environs collectively comprise what is perhaps the most dynamic and diverse collection of humanity in the country, if not the world.

New Yorkers certainly feel that way. There is an unparalleled cosmopolitan feel to the city, and a spirited energy that individually marks each of its many distinct locales.

The dangerous of backyard trampolines

During the hot New York summers, some kids may enjoy the idea of going into the backyard and bouncing on a trampoline. However, what their parents may not be aware of is that these contraptions are responsible for thousands of trips to the local emergency department every year.

Several studies have shown just how dangerous outdoor home trampolines can be. For example, there were 288,876 reported broken bones between 2002 and 2011. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the majority of the fractures occurred to the forearms, elbows and wrists. Other common fractures occurred to the legs and ankles. It was noted that the most common injuries caused by trampolines included sprains and soft-tissue injuries. Further, an estimated 10 percent of trampoline injuries involved the head and neck.

Is this type of story truly aberrational or a common occurrence?

Yes, the bus driver was focused ... on an apparently compelling video streaming from his smartphone.

That was the way that one passenger on a recent New York City metro day trip saw things. And now, in the wake of that passenger's recording of the driver, that is exactly the way that a global audience sees the now high-profile matter, too. The passenger's tape, as it is often termed these days in the online world, has "gone viral."

Bus crash in New York leaves 3 injured

Media outlets have reported that a head-on collision involving a charter bus and an SUV left three people injured on the evening of April 28. Initial accounts do not indicate if the injured road users were traveling on the bus or in the SUV. The accident took place in the southbound lanes of the New York State Thruway in Orange County at approximately 10:30 p.m.

State troopers from the Troop T Barracks, who are tasked with patrolling the Thruway, say that the northbound charter bus crossed the center median and strayed into the path of oncoming traffic in the immediate vicinity of the Plattekill Service Plaza. Troopers were not immediately able to determine whether it was driver error or some sort of mechanical problem that had caused the bus to cross into the southbound lanes.

Wrongful death compensation can be vitally important for a family

Life sometimes delivers tragic blows, as any surviving member of a family can well attest when a loved one dies as the result of third-party negligence.

Sadly, and notwithstanding society's strongest efforts to promote safety, human error persists in all spheres. And when it does, its consequences can be deadly.

Always see a doctor after a public bus accident

Riding public transportation is essential for many residents of New York, so much so that many individuals face difficulty operating their lives at all when public transportation experiences difficulties or serious delays. While most passengers on public transportation consider the most pressing dangers of the experience to be other passengers on the train or bus, these busses and trains present very real possibilities of physical harm from a traffic or line accident.

If you experience some sort of collision or other accident while riding public transportation, you should make it a priority to seek out a professional medical examination as soon as you can. While you may not believe that you suffered any kind of injury, it is possible that you received an injury that does not cause pain immediately, often known as a delayed onset injury. A thorough medical examination can help you identify these problems and address them before they cause major harm or possibly turn deadly.

Liability of homeowners for dog bites on their premises

Many New Yorkers are bitten by dogs each year when they visit the homes of others. When people are attacked by dogs while they are guests on the properties of others or when they are legally present for the purpose of conducting business, the homeowners may be liable to pay damages for their losses.

The American Veterinary Association reports that 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the U.S., and 20 percent of those bites require people to seek treatment at emergency departments. There was a 2.2 percent increase in the number of dog bite claims in 2017, and 359,000 children were bitten by dogs between 2010 and 2012.

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