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How supermarket owners are keeping safety risks in check

Grocery store owners in New York are aware of the various dangers their property can pose to customers. Slip and trip hazards like liquids, food and even coupons on the floor are a great concern for many owners, so it is standard that owners regularly change out slip-resistant mats, ensure the right floor treatments and have employees mop up floors immediately after spills.

However, some customers present a challenge to creating a safe shopping environment. For example, elderly customers will have poor eyesight, and toddlers will be toddlers. This is where new technology can play a significant role. Argo Risk Tech is an app that anyone in the grocery and retail industry can use to reduce accidents among customers.

Exploring your options after an accidental traumatic brain injury

Accidental injuries can drastically change the course of your life. Although many injuries have relatively simple treatments available, others can have more lasting effects. A broken bone, for example, can be set and begin to heal within hours of the trauma. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), on the other hand, continue to impact someone for the rest of their life, despite skilled medical care.

Because of the long-term consequences and potentially life-altering symptoms of brain injuries, it often becomes necessary for those whose brains get hurt in an accident to look at a combination of insurance benefits and civil lawsuits to cover the expenses and losses associated with their injury.

Pools may pose dangers to small children

Drowning is the top cause of unintentional death for children who are four-years-old or younger. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 363 children under 15 died annually because of drowning in a pool or spa between 2014 and 2016. Roughly 75% of those deaths were children who were younger than five-years-old. The CPSC says that June is the month when drownings or other submersion events are most likely to happen.

Furthermore, such events are most likely to happen in residential settings. There are steps that those who own pools can do to keep their children safe such as taking down ladders when the pool is not in use. Children should also be taught how to swim to increase their chances of survival while in the water. However, even kids who do know how to swim should be supervised by an adult, and that adult will ideally know how to perform CPR if necessary.

Parking lot safety tips for premises owners

Accidents that take place in parking lots in New York and around the country claim about 500 lives and injure more than 50,000 people each year according to the National Safety Council. This is a major concern for premises owners because they may be held legally responsible for preventable accidents that take place in parking lots and on sidewalks adjacent to their buildings. Property owners owe their workers and visitors a duty of care, and they can protect themselves against premises liability lawsuits by doing all that they reasonably can to see that this duty is met.

Marking parking spaces clearly and placing arrows to let drivers know the correct route to take can avoid many parking lot accidents. Clear signage is especially important near blind spots and sharp turns. Parking lot light bulbs should be checked regularly because proper illumination can reduce collisions, deter criminals and prevent violence. Installing security cameras and placing signs that state the area is under surveillance can also improve parking lot safety.

Hotel owners, bedbug prevention and premises liability

Most states do not have laws requiring hotel owners to maintain a bedbug-free environment. New York laws only address the issue of bedbugs in public schools. However, hotel owners still have a duty of care to their tenants, and keeping bedbugs out is implicit in that duty. This duty of care is crucial to the concept of premises liability. Therefore, hotel owners who wish to avoid premises liability claims will want to know what the duty encompasses.

One thing that a court will take into account is foreseeability of harm. Thanks to advances in pest management techniques, hotel owners can request preventative measures rather than wait for an infestation in order to do something. In fact, the courts may say that owners have a duty to take such measures. On the other hand, pest management companies have a duty to tell customers how to inspect for bedbugs and prevent an infestation.

Compensation after a fatal subway accident in New York City

Mass transit offers a host of benefits. It reduces the environmental impact of people's individual commutes. That means less smog and less fossil fuel consumption. It reduces the number of personal vehicles that have to run on city streets, easing congestion and traffic. It also provides a way for people to interact on a daily basis.

Overall, mass transit is safe, and it is a great way for people to get from one place to another in a city. However, mass transit systems can also pose some degree of risk to the people who live in the city.

Fatal school bus accident prompts legislative effort

A New York congresswoman is one of the lawmakers sponsoring a bill that would stiffen the background check requirements for school bus drivers. The Miranda Vargas School Bus Driver Red Flag Act is named after a 10-year-old girl who was killed in a deadly school bus accident in May 2018. Republican Elise Stefanik, who represents New York's 21st congressional district, says that parents should not have to worry about safety when they drop their children off at school bus stops.

Under current federal regulations, school districts must run annual background checks on school bus drivers. The proposed bill would introduce real-time background checks that would notify schools within 24 hours when a driver is cited for any traffic violation other than a parking ticket. The 77-year-old man who was driving the school bus when one of his passengers died had a long history of motor vehicle infractions, including 14 driver's license suspensions. The accident occurred when he attempted to make an illegal U-turn after missing an exit on Interstate 80 in New Jersey. He has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide.

Skateboarding injuries and liability

New York residents should know that skateboarding, being an inherently unsafe activity, is regulated by both state and local ordinances. They usually go under traffic laws but can also be included under health and safety codes, and they will likely be similar to those laws governing bicyclists and pedestrians.

So, for example, in Los Angeles, skateboarders must obey stop signs and speed limits as well as stay out of the way of oncoming vehicles. Other cities, like Martinsville, Virginia, get more specific and ban anyone 14 years or older from skateboarding on sidewalks. Some are calling for stricter rules as skateboarding accidents continue to rise.

Trampoline parks see more severe injuries than home trampolines

According to the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission, an estimated 100,000 emergency department visits in 2014 were the result of trampoline injuries. Since then, recreational trampoline parks and jump parks have risen in popularity, and these may be contributing to an increase in injuries. New York residents should know that, contrary to what park promoters say, the relative safety of these parks has not been adequately gauged yet.

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons found that the percentage of serious injuries among adults and children is higher in trampoline parks than on home trampolines. These injuries include lower extremity fractures, open fractures of all kinds and fractures that require surgery.

Dodger Stadium assault victim files suit, mediation scheduled

A judge has referred to mediation a lawsuit regarding an assault that occurred right after a 2015 game between the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers. The plaintiff claims that he was assaulted at Dodger Stadium back and that his injuries could have partly been prevented had the area just outside the stadium gates been more well-lit and secure. In 2017, he filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles Dodgers as well as two individuals, a 52-year-old woman and her son.

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff and his cousin were confronted by these two after the game that night had ended. After enduring verbal abuse, the man said he walked to the parking lot, where he was beaten, knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked. He lost consciousness and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Several minutes went by before Dodger security staffers responded.

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