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Safety precautions can help prevent injury or death

You've heard of a New York minute, right? You know that New York is "the city that never sleeps." This all points to people in the city always being in a rush, even to get onto the trains and buses that gets them around. But it's never a good idea to be in too much of a rush to pay attention to safety.

On subways, the edges of the platforms are often a danger zone for people who are buried in their screens or isolated by headphones. It's always important to stand away from moving trains. Children and other vulnerable people must be coached to do the same.

Car crashes are different when a city vehicle is involved

If you've been in an accident on the road, you know that common sense may not be the first thing you can rely on. Any sudden crash can shake you and leave you feeling less than composed. This is why it is important to know what to do in the case of an accident ahead of time.

Issues are different when someone other than the driver may be responsible for the crash. Did someone doing maintenance on a truck fail to replace everything that came out in the job? Did a vital part fail before a manufacturer expected it to? Another important question is who owns the vehicle and who employs the driver.

Bicyclist killed in bus collision near Central Park

Buses are a very important part of getting around New York. There used to be surface trolleys grinding on tracks through the cobblestone streets of Queens and Brooklyn, but buses now cover all of those routes since subway tunnels and elevated rails took all the trams off the streets.

Trolleys had their own problems, breaking up surfaces with rails and squealing through busy neighborhoods. But buses can be unpredictable, as they are steered by the drivers, and pack just as much of an impact when they strike things in their path. This is why Manhattan often has special bus lanes specifically for mass transit.

Who is responsible for an accident on premises?

If you trip on your own furniture in your own home, it's hard to deny that you made a mistake. You picked where to live, you chose the furniture and you put it where it is. But what if you get hurt on someone else's property? Who is to blame?

  • Where does the buck stop in a premises liability case?

There are several parties that could possibly be at fault if you have been injured on property that is controlled and maintained as a public space. Under New York law, a person or entity in control of a property like this owes a duty to take reasonable care for visitors' safety.

  • Who is in control of a property?

New York's subway car stock has changed for safety's sake

When you take mass transit in New York City, you may notice that one subway car or bus is not the same as the others. But you probably don't care. As it turns out, though, the Big Apple has long been a laboratory for new types of transportation.

Subway cars, like their surface train car partners, were made of wood when the system first got started in the early 20th century. But a single event got people on board with steel replacements. A massive train crash killed more than 100 people at the end of Brooklyn's Malbone Street in 1918. The memory of the tragedy was one of the reasons the street was renamed Empire Boulevard.

Is drunk or distracted driving the deadlier risk on the road?

The decisions that people make before and during their daily commute can have a direct impact on whether they arrive safely at their destination or cause harm to other people. Two of the most well-known dangerous behaviors are drunk driving and distracted driving.

Despite widespread knowledge about the risks involved with both of these habits, many people still decide to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks or look down at their phone to read a message while driving. Obviously, as a safe driver, you already know that you shouldn't be texting at the wheel or driving after you had several alcoholic beverages.

Large vehicles create more than their share of New York mayhem

New York City is more than a year into its much-touted Vision Zero campaign and some of the results are in. Some points may seem obvious to the New Yorker on the streets, like the importance of better markings where different types of vehicles mingle near bikes and pedestrians.

But a few important points may make you wonder because some specific vehicle types may be liable for more than their share of damage and injury in the Big Apple. An independent analysis of crash statistics shows that sport utility vehicles and similar large vehicles must be better controlled or Vision Zero may fail completely.

Driver's health problem causes bus crash in Brooklyn

Having a commercial driver's license to operate a bus, semitruck or other large, commercial vehicle requires extra training and testing on safe operations.

But even competent drivers are still human, and an inadvertent error or problem may still be damaging or hurtful to New York residents. A recent bus accident in Brooklyn apparently started when the driver suffered a medical episode that caused him to lose control of the bus.

What happens after a slip and fall?

If you have to ask what a slip-and-fall lawsuit is, you may be in a bad spot because of an accident that was someone else's fault. Although we often go through life affected by other people's actions, they may be on the hook for the consequences if those actions probably led to injury or death.

  • What is a slip-and-fall lawsuit?

The technical term for a lawsuit like this is a personal injury or premises liability lawsuit. The two names imply two important things about a case. The first is that a person must be shown to have experiences pain or injury as the result of an incident. The second is that a person had the responsibility to try and prevent this incident, and it may not have happened if they acted correctly.

  • Why is it called a slip-and-fall lawsuit?

Victim recovers after 2 train strikes in half an hour

The subway and the trains are part of the reason New York City is not even more crowded than it already is. But just as cars can cause accidents anywhere on the road, cars on the rails can be just as deadly on their own tracks or if they jump the tracks.

One woman may know that better than anyone. She fell into the path of an oncoming train and suffered a severe injury to her leg. She was struck again by another train less than half an hour later, leading to a double amputation and six weeks of recovery at a Manhattan hospital.

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