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Golf course may have duty to get rid of wasps

The next time a person steps on a golf course, he or she may worry a little less about bees or other insect attacks. This is because a California court has ruled that a golf course has a duty to protect patrons against dangerous insects. While this happened in a different state, it is not inconceivable that courts in New York will come to the same conclusion.

A woman had filed a lawsuit after being stung more than 50 times by yellow jackets while at Vintner's Golf Club in Napa Valley. She was at the fifth tee about to shoot when the wasps swarmed and started stinging her. The woman claims that the resulting injuries caused her to miss work for a month. Furthermore, she now needs to carry an EpiPen with her because of an allergy to the wasp. While the case was originally dismissed, an appeals court agreed with the plaintiff that negligence could have taken place.

Three steps to a safer swimming pool

New York residents who have swimming pools outside their homes will want to make sure that it's safe for everyone, including any guests. A pool is considered an attractive nuisance under the law, so homeowners even have a responsibility toward child trespassers.

Drowning is all too common. In fact, for every child under the age of 14 who dies from drowning, another five are sent to the emergency room after near-fatal accidents. Other pool-related concerns include slip and falls and exposure to harmful chemicals. Homeowners should consider the following three tips to prevent any incidents from taking place.

Ankle injuries common in slip, trip and fall incidents

Slipping, tripping or falling when on another's property can lead to serious injuries. The ankle can be hurt in particular when victims turn and twist it unnaturally in the effort to stop their fall. New York residents who are contemplating a premises liability claim will want to know the different types of ankle injuries as this will be important when determining the extent of their own injuries.

The ankle joint is formed by three bones: tibia, fibula and talus. The tibia forms the inner anklebone and the fibula the outer while the talus is located on the foot. Bone fractures are one frequent form of injury and can involve any of these three bones. They cause severe pain and usually require a great deal of time to heal. In some cases, the victim may be left with a permanent mobility issue.

Should you handle an injury claim alone after an accident?

Any time that you suffer an injury as a result of an accident, you should carefully consider whether the accident or the injury justifies an injury claim. If the injury is serious enough to require medical attention, then it probably incurs some cost, and if the accident occurred because of some other party's actions or negligence, then that party may hold legal liability for those medical costs and other losses that the injury causes.

Once you decide to file an injury claim, then what? If you're attentive to detail and have a great deal of time, and if you do not need to settle your claim very quickly, and if you are fine with receiving less than your claim is worth, then you may consider pursuing the claim on your own. There is nothing illegal about this, and many people do it with varying degrees of success.

Premises liability and shopping injuries

New York is famous for its many shopping destinations, but shopping can be dangerous, especially in large crowds. Injuries that occur while shopping are common enough that "shopping injuries" is a term used in the legal area of premises liability. Shopping injuries range from slips and falls to injuries involving shopping carts.

Store owners could be liable for damages when shoppers at their stores are injured. This includes injuries that happen inside a store or outside in the parking lot. Shopping injuries could be caused by slippery floors, uneven terrain in parking lots, icy parking lots or walkways, items falling, tipped shopping carts or crowd-related situations like trampling, pushing or shoving. Those types of injuries are most likely during busy shopping times such as Black Friday or when stores have advertised major sales events.

Are things improving with NYC subway system?

Is this progress?

A recent media piece on the New York City subway system alludes to a "solid maybe" in its discussion of whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo's declared state of emergency last summer has helped usher in meaningful changes.

Who is responsible if an object falls from a building

It is not uncommon for New York City residents to place air conditioning units precariously in windows. Some people may wonder whether there is any danger of these units falling and injuring or even killing someone although there have reportedly only been a few people who have been harmed in this way.

However, theoretically, these units can do a lot of damage. They weigh more than 40 pounds on average, so even falling from just a second- or third-floor window could be enough for them to achieve a deadly momentum. A more likely scenario might be an injury by any type of object falling from a building.

SUVs certainly a pronounced concern for NYC pedestrians

New York City pedestrians are likely some of the most aware and traffic-savvy walkers in the world. The metro area is a huge corridor of fast-paced complexity, with walker-linked challenges literally existing at every turn in the road.

In a sense, city pedestrians coexist with a huge amount of varied traffic in a kind of Darwinian world. Walkers who are easily distracted or who aren't on the close lookout constantly for developing scenarios risk personal and even catastrophic harm.

Filing a lawsuit after a subway accident

New York residents know that riding the subway comes with its own dangers. Hazards range from derailments to loose tiles that lead to falls. Since subways are usually owned and managed by local government authorities, filing a lawsuit after a subway accident involves some unique factors.

The first step that victims must take is to find out who owns the subway and station where the incident took place. The subway system may be privately owned; for example, the same train station could see Amtrak trains pulling in side by side with city trains. Depending on who was responsible, the statute of limitations and the cap placed on damages will differ.

Does whiplash justify a personal injury claim?

When people suffers from whiplash after car accidents, they may have concerns over whether or not their injuries are serious enough to serve as the basis for personal injury claims. After all, some superficial injuries don't always lead to claims for damages, especially if they do not limit the activities of the victims or don't incur medical expenses.

Whiplash is often made misunderstood because some people don't realize the term refers to a broad range of soft-tissue injuries. If you recently received whiplash in a car accident, it is always important to seek a full medical evaluation. Following your examination, you may have the information you need to begin building a personal injury claim to address your losses.

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