Why Are Commercial Truck Accidents More Dangerous Than Car Accidents?


Commercial truck accidents can be devastating, causing serious injuries and even fatalities. The sheer size and weight of commercial trucks make them more dangerous than cars in accidents. In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 reasons why commercial truck accidents are more dangerous than car accidents.

1. Size and Weight

Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than cars, which means they have more momentum and force in an accident. A fully loaded commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while a car typically weighs around 3,000 pounds. This difference in size and weight can lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities in accidents involving commercial trucks.

2. Blind Spots

Commercial trucks have large blind spots, also known as "no-zones," which can make it difficult for truck drivers to see other vehicles on the road. These blind spots are located on the sides and rear of the truck and can be up to 30 feet long. Cars that are in these blind spots are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident.

3. Longer Stopping Distance

Commercial trucks require a much longer stopping distance than cars due to their size and weight. A fully loaded commercial truck traveling at 65 miles per hour can take up to 525 feet to come to a complete stop. Cars, on the other hand, only require around 300 feet to stop at the same speed. This longer stopping distance can increase the risk of rear-end collisions and other accidents.

4. Driver Fatigue

Commercial truck drivers are often required to drive long hours, which can lead to driver fatigue. Fatigued drivers are more likely to make mistakes and have slower reaction times, which can increase the risk of accidents. In fact, driver fatigue is a leading cause of commercial truck accidents.

5. Maintenance Issues

Commercial trucks require regular maintenance to ensure they are in good working order. However, some trucking companies may neglect maintenance or cut corners to save money. This can lead to mechanical failures, such as brake failures or tire blowouts, which can cause accidents.

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