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April 2018 Archives

Always see a doctor after a public bus accident

Riding public transportation is essential for many residents of New York, so much so that many individuals face difficulty operating their lives at all when public transportation experiences difficulties or serious delays. While most passengers on public transportation consider the most pressing dangers of the experience to be other passengers on the train or bus, these busses and trains present very real possibilities of physical harm from a traffic or line accident.

Liability of homeowners for dog bites on their premises

Many New Yorkers are bitten by dogs each year when they visit the homes of others. When people are attacked by dogs while they are guests on the properties of others or when they are legally present for the purpose of conducting business, the homeowners may be liable to pay damages for their losses.

David Copperfield slip and fall case underway

New York fans of David Copperfield might be interested in learning that the star is currently defending against a slip and fall lawsuit. The trial in the case began on April 13 in the case against Copperfield and the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. During the first day, Copperfield was forced to reveal how one of his tricks is performed.

Bus full of students crashes in New York

A bust that was approximately 4 feet too tall to properly pass under an overpass on Southern State Parkway suffered a major roof collision on April 8. The crash involved two serious injuries, five moderate injuries and many more minor injuries. The bus was transporting New York high school students returning from a spring trip to Europe; there were 38 teens as well as five adult chaperones on the bus.

Indictments issued in death of boy on waterslide

Some people in New York might have heard about an accident involving a waterslide that decapitated a 10-year-old boy in 2016. The accident, which happened in Kansas City, occurred when the boy's raft flew into the air and slammed into a hoop that was holding up safety netting. The boy was the son of a Kansas state legislator, and his death has prompted stricter ride inspection laws in the state.

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