David Copperfield Slip and Fall Case Underway


New York fans of David Copperfield might be interested in learning that the star is currently defending against a slip and fall lawsuit. The trial in the case began on April 13 in the case against Copperfield and the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. During the first day, Copperfield was forced to reveal how one of his tricks is performed.

According to the lawsuit, a British tourist who attended Copperfield's show in Las Vegas was randomly selected to participate in Copperfield's final act on Nov. 12, 2013. The trick involved him sitting on a platform and then disappearing from view. The man reported that after sitting on the platform, he had to exit the stage by following a route that was confusing to him. The man had to go down a series of hallways and around an outdoor area. He reportedly fell when he reached an outer door.

The man claims that he slipped and fell because of dust and debris that were on the ground from construction. The hotel and Copperfield argue that the route that the man took was flat and that his fall simply happened because he tripped.

People who slip and fall while they are visiting the property of others may have grounds to file premises liability lawsuits against the property owners. However, not all cases will form the basis of liability. Experienced personal injury attorneys may review potential claims and give honest assessments about their winnability. If they agree to accept the cases, they may conduct thorough investigations and draft and file the civil complaints. The attorneys may work to negotiate settlements throughout the discovery period. If agreements cannot be reached, the attorneys may litigate for their clients through jury trials.

Source: Claims Journal, "Trial begins in slip and fall case focused on David Copperfield show," Regina Cano, April 16, 2018.