Accident Victims Need to Follow Through on Delayed Crash Symptoms


Numbness. Shoulder and neck pain. Stress disorders. Internal bleeding. Spine-related complications. Traumatic brain injuries.

We note some of those post-accident maladies materializing in the wake of motor vehicle crashes and collisions on our website at the experienced New York City personal injury law firm of Restivo & Murphy LLP.

A seasoned medical expert highlights them as well in a recently authored commentary that underscores the need for accident victims to closely heed and follow through on delayed accident symptoms.

As that physician notes, serious issues following a crash "might not present any signs for several days," which can open a window of uncertainty and, in some cases, potential detriment. Many accident victims feel OK in the wake of an accident, being unaware that they have actually been badly injured.

Given the clear potential for a stark downside to materialize in such instances, it is critically important for an accident victim to heed any sign of problems and promptly seek medical attention.

In tandem, it can be vital to timely secure the counsel of a seasoned personal injury attorney. as well. Legal experts often state that "time is of the essence" in an accident's aftermath.

And they assert so for good reasons. Key evidence is collected -- and sometimes fudged, misinterpreted, or otherwise badly mishandled -- in an accident's wake. Insurers will quickly try to put a particular spin on an event that could cost them money. Pro-insurer accident reconstructionists proceed with a clear anti-victim agenda.

An experienced victim's advocate will act with knowledge, dispatch and diligence to uncover liability and obtain a legal recovery that fully promotes the best interests of a personal injury victim and his or her family.

That outcome can be immeasurably aided by an injured party's timely and active effort to heed post-accident injury symptoms and promptly follow through on them.