Road Construction Vehicles Can Cause Serious Injuries

Those of us who live and/or work in New York City often feel like construction goes on day and night. Sometimes, it seems like we don't get any reprieve from that on the roads – whether it's on the streets of Manhattan or as we get out of the city.

Drivers are subject to stricter speed limits, detours, narrowed roads, uneven pavement and other inconveniences -- not to mention heavy fines and stricter traffic laws -- when they're near a work zone. That's for everyone's safety. Too many construction workers and motorists are injured or killed in work zone crashes.

One reason that it's essential not to slow down, stay alert and keep your distance when you encounter road construction is that the equipment and vehicles that are used by these workers are extremely heavy and don't maneuver quickly or easily. The people operating them may not have a clear view in every direction of what's around them. Excavators, dump trucks, rollers, asphalt sprayers, and more can cause serious damage to a car and those inside it.

Unfortunately, sometimes it's not possible to stay as far away from these vehicles as we'd like as we make our way around or through a construction zone -- even when we're following the flagger's directions and signs closely. If you're injured by one of these vehicles, it's important to determine who was at fault.

If you were driving carefully and obeying all instructions, the crash may be the fault of the operator or the person guiding them. It could be due to a malfunction of the vehicle. It's wise to seek legal guidance so that you can get the compensation you need and deserve for medical bills, lost wages, damage to your vehicle and more.