Is a Government Entity Liable for Your Injuries?

In New York, many different people from all walks of life depend on municipal services to work, play and commute throughout the metropolitan area. Of course, from time to time, the government-owned or -operated systems that we use encounter problems or may even cause an injury. Individuals who suffer injuries while using municipal services like busses and trains, or who injure themselves while on government property, may need to file a personal injury claim to recover their losses, and they must proceed carefully.

Generally speaking, government and municipal entities enjoy some protections against lawsuits that civilians and private organizations do not, which can create complications for victims who suffer injuries and losses involving government liability. While it is possible to file claims against municipal entities, doing so is more complicated than filing a claim against a private citizen entity.

If you suffered injuries and losses and believe that a municipal entity has a liability, you must act quickly to pursue a fair resolution and keep your rights secure. If you choose to wait, you may lose the opportunity for justice.

Filing a notice of claim

Any time a person suffers an injury that involves government property, a government agency or an employee of the government, it is wise for them to file a notice of claim immediately. If you have not yet filed a notice of claim, now is the time to do so.

You do not need to fully understand the role of the government in your injury in order to file the claim. In fact, it is not always simple to determine which agencies hold liability. In many instances, it is wise to file notices of claim with all of the potential government agencies or entities that may hold liability. If you do not file a notice of claim with an entity or agency and they do hold liability, you may not receive fair compensation.

Denial of claim is common

Many victims do not realize that filing their claim of notice is merely part of the process, which can take quite some time. Even if the claim has merit, government entities often deny these claims. This may feel disheartening, but victims may still have legal tools available.

Once a government entity denies a claim, victims may then move on to filing a civil claim against the entity. It is often helpful for victims to expect a denial at first and prepare to keep pushing for a just resolution in a civil suit.

Protect yourself now

Pursuing claims against the government and municipal bodies is not a quick or simple process, but justice is still achievable in many cases. As you consider your options, be sure to use strong legal resources and guidance as they are needed to navigate the complex legal systems involved in filing a claim against the government. With a clear legal strategy and high-quality legal tools, you can keep pushing for a just resolution that compensates you for your losses and keeps your rights secure.