The Emotional Effects of Dog Bites Can Be Profound


When relaxing in the park or simply walking down the street, you never expect to be attacked by a dog. Dog attacks can happen spontaneously, and the victim is not necessarily at fault, even if they tried to stroke the dog. Attacks can be vicious and lead to emotional trauma even if serious injuries did not occur. That’s why it’s so important that you consider taking legal action after a dog bite if either physical or emotional damages occurred.

While children can be the most emotionally affected by a dog bite, people of any age can experience trauma in a vicious attack. If a dog owner’s negligence resulted in these damages, you may be able to take legal action and get justice. The following is an overview of how to deal with the trauma of a dog attack.

Talk about it

Talking about the experience, although uncomfortable, can help you to process your thoughts and emotions. The more you talk about the feelings you have with trusted people, the more you will likely heal from the traumatic experience.

Face your fear in a safe environment

You may feel worried about being in the same place in which the traumatic event occurred, or you may get anxious whenever you encounter a dog. It is important that you slowly reintroduce yourself to these things, because if you don’t you may experience a phobia. For example, if the attack happened in a park, you may want to start by visiting another park with someone you trust. As you gain confidence, you may then feel ready to revisit the exact location in which the event occurred.

Seek professional help

Therapists can help with trauma and can advise you on exercises you can do to overcome your fears. These services may be expensive, but you may be able to have these costs covered when taking action against the dog owner for negligence.

Get closure

By taking legal action, you’ll be able to close this chapter and get justice. This will undoubtedly help you to move forward from the experience positively. Make sure that you understand how the law applies to you if you have been the victim of a dog attack in New York.