Safety Precautions Can Help Prevent Injury or Death


You've heard of a New York minute, right? You know that New York is "the city that never sleeps." This all points to people in the city always being in a rush, even to get onto the trains and buses that get them around. But it's never a good idea to be in too much of a rush to pay attention to safety.

On subways, the edges of the platforms are often a danger zone for people who are buried in their screens or isolated by headphones. It's always important to stand away from moving trains. Children and other vulnerable people must be coached to do the same.

The tracks are always out of bounds, even if someone drops something important off a platform or a train. Police or transit workers can help with these situations because anyone who tries to handle it on their own could be seriously injured or killed.

Stairs are often busy near train stations, and they can be slippery in bad weather or after spills. Handrails may not be attractive in a filthy place, but they can save lives or at least serious injury. People who would rather not make contact with rails and handles may use a pair of gloves to stay in the game.

An attorney may be a good call if, despite your caution, you are seriously injured on the subway or elsewhere in the New York transit system. Legal representation can help clarify your rights and any possible liability, as well as help guide you in a difficult time after an accident.