Hurt on the Subway? You Could Have a Claim


Every time you get on the subway, you're putting your life in the hands of the driver and the people who work on the tracks. If any part of the system isn't maintained or someone makes a mistake, then there is a potential for you to be injured.

Whether you're on the subway or just waiting to get the subway, it's absolutely necessary for the appropriate owner or authority to keep the area well-maintained and safe for consumers. Amtrak, the New York Metro Transit Authority trains, and government systems all need to provide you with a safe way to get from point A to point B.

What do you have to do if you get hurt on the subway?

If you get hurt on the subway, there are some things that you need to do. First, of course, seek medical care. Your health comes first, and it should be a priority.

After you get medical attention, you can start looking into making a claim. If you will be suing a state authority, you may need to file a Notice of Claim first. This usually has to be filed fairly quickly, so it's a good idea to talk to your attorney as soon as you can to get started on filing that paperwork.

Filing a Notice of Claim doesn't start a lawsuit, but it does let the government authority know that you intend to do so. In New York City, you'd file this claim with the city Comptroller's office, which handles claims against the City of New York. If you have a tort claim against the New York Transit Authority or one of several excluded authorities, you'll file the claim directly with those agencies.

In the case that you're hurt on a private business's subway, then you may not need to file that same notice and may be able to pursue a claim directly against them. That's something that your attorney will be able to discuss with you as you start building your case.

When you speak with your attorney, you will need to bring information to support your case. The more support you can get for your claim, the better your chances will be of getting the results that you want. Your attorney will help you understand which documents are needed and do their part to help you protect your best interests as you begin filing a claim against the appropriate entity.