Back Injuries: Common Workplace Injuries


Construction workers and those who perform related jobs are often at risk for serious injuries. They also have a higher risk for injuries that can seem more minor at the time, but that still has a significant impact on their ability to move freely and without pain. Because of that, they can struggle to get work done, and they may need to take time off or move to a light-duty assignment until they recover. That can cause them to eventually lose their job or look for another line of work, and can also cause construction projects to fall behind because of high injury rates for workers on that project. Back injuries often top the list.

How Are Workers Getting Hurt So Often?

With back injuries being one of the most common ways that workers get hurt, the reasons for that should be examined in an effort at prevention. Improper training and poor technique are among the reasons that workers hurt their backs when they lift things. Additionally, they may lift items that are too heavy for one person, and they may also lift something and then twist with it, which can all contribute to injuring their back. It's not just lifting that can become a problem, though. It's also the repetitive motions required by some work and the positions that workers get into when they work in tight spaces or awkward locations.

What Kinds of Back Injuries Are Most Common?

The most common types of back injuries are strains and sprains. These are both painful and debilitating. While workers usually heal from these injuries without permanent damage, the time lost at work can be significant. More serious back injuries, like damage to the spine, can also occur, but these types of injuries are rarer. Proper education and training, as well as a commitment to using good lifting and moving techniques, can help to reduce the chances that a worker will suffer from a common back injury. That can provide a worker with peace of mind and can also help them stay more effective on the job.

Is it Time to Get Some Help for Your Back Injury?

If you've suffered a back injury, you may be entitled to workers' compensation or compensation from a third party. To find out what kinds of benefits you could receive, it's important to talk to a lawyer for more information. That can also help to ensure that your rights are protected. Don't try to make a claim alone, and don't settle for having a claim denied if you have legitimately been injured. With the right attorney on your side, you have a much better chance of receiving proper compensation for your workplace back injury.