What Are the Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries?


When you were a child, it may have been fun to fall into or out of something, like a pool or a tree. But falls are serious for everyone, especially adults who do not heal as quickly as younger people. Even a modest tumble can result in serious problems or even a permanent disability.

What are the most dangerous types of injuries from falls?

Head injuries are among the most serious of traumatic falls, as they could result in unpredictable damage to the brain or nervous system. One out of five falls is estimated to result in a head injury or a broken bone. Hip fractures have the potential to cause a long period of recovery or serious related medical issues.

What are the most common fall-related injuries?

Bruises and scratches are the most likely injuries, but they are relatively minor. When it comes to injuries that may results in serious costs or recovery times, broken bones and pulled muscles are common results of falls.

Are falls the most common cause of any injury?

Nearly all hip injuries in the United States are related to some sort of fall, especially sideways falls. These injuries are also related to age and other conditions that may cause weaker bones.

Who can help with the consequences of falls?

If a fall happened on someone else's property, the owner or manager may be liable for the injuries someone suffered. An attorney can help victims and their families work out their options for financial damages if an injury has resulted in a long recovery time or high expenses.