Laundromats Can Hold Hidden Dangers for Customers

The owner could be liable if a customer slips and falls or is otherwise injured while patronizing a New York laundromat. These establishments can sometimes be a surprisingly dangerous place for customers, and it is the responsibility of a laundromat's owners and management to put safety policies in place that prevent accidents and injuries. Like other businesses open to the public, laundromats can have liability for accidents that occur on their property.

There are some major risks for accidents in a laundromat. Dryers that are not sufficiently cleaned of lint could catch on fire, causing damage. Customers regularly must carry large baskets and bags of laundry which can hinder their field of vision or ability to maneuver, leading to slip-and-fall accidents. Water puddles on the floor that are not mopped up or cleaned quickly can also be dangerous for customers.

Even injuries related to crime could be a problem. Vending machines for change or detergent could be attractive targets for burglars. Because laundromat owners have a responsibility to provide a safe environment, proper lighting inside and outside the shop can be important to deter crime.

It can be particularly important for laundromats to pay attention to maintenance in order to protect customer safety. When light bulbs burn out, replacing them quickly can avoid the creations of dangerous dark zones. Similarly, watery spills need a quick cleanup to prevent slips and falls. Posting signage isn't enough to keep customers safe.

Customers who have been injured in a laundromat may be able to find help for their medical bills and other losses. A personal injury lawyer could assist in filing a premises liability lawsuit if the injury was due to a dangerous condition that the owner knew or should have known about and failed to correct.