When a Slip and Fall Occurs, How Do You Prove Fault?

One common type of premises liability lawsuit is the slip and fall. This is when someone is on another person's or company's property and they slip, trip, or otherwise fall down due to dangerous conditions on the premises. A typical slip and fall is a customer walking through a grocery store only to walk down an aisle with a spilled liquid on it. They unknowingly step in the liquid and slip and fall, suffering serious injuries in the process.

While we can all empathize with the plight of the victim in this situation, the next logical question is: what can the victim do about their injuries and the people who caused them?

The answer is that they can consult with an experienced attorney so that their case gets fully investigated and, if they want to, they can pursue litigation against the property owner or manager responsible. But how are they supposed to do this? How do you hold them responsible?

Two crucial factors here are how preventable the accident actually was in the first place, and how diligent the property owner or manager was in maintaining safe premises. If it can be proven that the slip and fall was preventable, and/or the property owner or manager did not show that they were capable of making their premises safe.

Two other important factors are the actions of the victim. If the victim wasn't clumsy or careless in his or her actions, then it negates a possible defense or challenge that the defendant could make.