Investigation Ordered Into Roller Coaster Accident

Amusement park rides in New York and around the country are regulated by the state, rather than federal, authorities, and potentially dangerous attractions like roller coasters are generally inspected often to ensure that safety standards are being followed. However, even rigorous safety efforts are not always enough to prevent accidents and injuries. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees amusement park rides in the Sunshine State, has announced that an investigation will be conducted into a roller coaster accident in Daytona Beach that injured seven riders.

The June 15 announcement came just a day after a derailment occurred on the Sand Blaster ride. Two riders fell from the car they were riding in and plunged 34 feet to the ground according to reports. Videos were taken just minutes after the derailment show riders clinging precariously to the side of a car. According to the FDACS, inspectors had conducted a safety check on the morning of the accident.

However, the ride failed a safety inspection following the accident due to problems with its structural integrity. Reports indicate that the ride was purchased from an amusement park in Delaware in 2013 and has been operating in Daytona Beach ever since. Reports also reveal that the ride failed two safety inspections in May. According to the FDACS, the defects that worried safety inspectors in May had been addressed.

Those injured while visiting amusement parks or other public attractions may pursue civil remedies when reasonable precautions were not put into place to protect them. When pursuing premises liability litigation, experienced personal injury attorneys may check safety and inspection records for a pattern of negligent behavior. Attorneys might also file lawsuits against state agencies when safety regulations have not been enforced rigorously.

Source: CNN, Florida agency probing roller coaster derailment in Daytona Beach, Jamiel Lynch, Holly Roberts, and Joe Sutton, June 16, 2018