Steps to Take in the Aftermath of a Bus Crash


When people are involved in a New York bus accident, there are certain steps that they should take. For example, it is important to determine the extent of a person's injuries as well as the extent of the injuries others have suffered. Furthermore, those who were on the bus or who witnessed the crash should record as many details about the accident as possible.

For example, a person can take down the license plate of the bus and get the driver's name. The driver, the company that owns the bus, or both parties could be held liable in a personal injury case. In addition, it is a good idea to take photographs of the accident scene as well as where a person was sitting when the crash took place.

Victims should keep track of any expenses that they incur related to the accident. This could include medical expenses as well as lost wages because of an injury. It could also include the cost to replace any property that was lost or damaged in an accident. Compensation for pain and suffering may be part of a settlement or jury award that a person injured in a crash may receive from a liable party.

An accident caused by a negligent bus driver may result in compensation for an injured victim. Negligent actions could include failing to pay attention to road conditions or driving while impaired. Other potentially negligent actions include not having a license to drive a bus or not being properly trained by an employer. If the bus itself is not safe to drive, the owner could be held liable for negligence as that could pose a danger to anyone who is riding in it.