Considerations Re Government Entities and Premises Liability

Property owners in New York City and across the state have a legal duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe manner so that third parties who come onto them are not injured. That is true of homeowners, shopping mall operators, retail store owners, amusement park owners and others.

Including municipal entities.

There are both similarities and differences between the government and private parties acting as property owners and managers, respectively. We expressly note that on our website at the established Long Island personal injury law firm of Restivo & Murphy LLP.

On the one hand, municipal bodies can generally be held liable for damages in the same matter as other parties when their negligence contributes to damage or injury to guests or visitors. On the other hand, though, we duly point out that "the government is immune from certain lawsuits, and there are additional steps and filing deadlines not required in other civil claims."

In a nutshell, government entities can make for comparatively slippery actors where premises liability is involved.

That is, there is an added level of complexity concerning them. That might reasonably persuade an individual or family contemplating the filing of a civil lawsuit to reach out to seasoned attorneys who routinely litigate against government bodies in negligence claims.

Restivo & Murphy attorneys have many decades of collective experience representing diverse clients in premises liability cases involving municipal entities. We welcome contacts to the firm to discuss our advocacy and to respond to questions or concerns regarding any aspect of property-related injuries.