Wrongful Death Compensation Can Be Vitally Important for a Family

Life sometimes delivers tragic blows, as any surviving member of a family can well attest when a loved one dies as the result of third-party negligence.

Sadly, and notwithstanding society's strongest efforts to promote safety, human error persists in all spheres. And when it does, its consequences can be deadly.

The compassionate and practiced attorneys at the Long Island personal injury law firm of Restivo & Murphy bring decades of collective on-point experience to their aggressive advocacy on behalf of claimants with wrongful death claims.

We intimately appreciate that, while nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one, family members have a continuing need for income to support them in the future. We always impress upon our clients that a strong legal team can stand firmly behind them while they take all the time necessary to grieve their loss.

Wrongful death owes to many causes. Distracted and reckless motorists are frequent catalysts in deadly crashes, with negligent drivers of municipal vehicles and mass-transit conveyances being just as likely to err behind the wheel as passenger drivers. Fatalities also result from medical malpractice, defective products, subpar roadway engineering and unsafe conditions that give rise to premises liability.

As we note on our website, Restivo & Murphy attorneys rigorously "research every possible avenue for compensation." Moreover, we fully prepare every case for trial, given that litigation readiness often brings maximum settlement offers.

We empathize deeply with individuals suffering a family loss, and feel that we can best carry out our professional duties to them by being persistently strong legal advocates. Among other things, our representation focuses on compensation for loss of income, medical/funeral costs, pain and suffering and loss of support.

We welcome contacts to the firm concerning the work we do on behalf of valued clients.