Mediation Possible Between Shooting Victims and MGM Resorts

The mass shooting in October 2017 that claimed 58 lives of horrified people in New York and nationwide. The tragedy in Las Vegas triggered numerous lawsuits from victims and their families who placed part of the blame for the killing spree on MGM Resorts International, the operator of Mandalay Bay. Current negotiations between MGM attorneys and representatives for victims appear to be leaning toward mediation instead of litigation.

When the lawsuits began pouring in against MGM after a shooter fired on the Route 91 concert, MGM pursued relief from liability in court. This move reportedly angered victims.

The CEO of MGM defended mediation as the best route to a possible settlement because it would avoid lengthy court cases in multiple states that would require deposing witnesses over and over again. A statement from the company explained that attorneys from both sides agreed to set aside pending litigation and investigate mediation, which could quickly resolve cases that might otherwise spend years in the courts. The statement expressed the company's view that the courts would side with MGM, but the company wanted to offer victims a faster way to discuss their claims through mediation.

Property owners and managers have a legal obligation to maintain safe and secure locations for the public. Inadequate security at a venue could expose a party to liability if customers or visitors experience harm at the hands of criminals. A person hurt at an insecure environment might launch a premises liability claim for damages. An attorney may be able to support this effort by organizing evidence and filing court papers. Legal advice may help a victim evaluate a settlement offer and navigate decisions during mediation or a court trial.

Source: Las Vegas Now, "MGM Resorts, plaintiffs agree to mediation in Las Vegas mass shooting case", Vanessa Murphy, Oct. 29, 2018