Supermarkets Responsible for Customer Safety


When customers in New York go to the supermarket, the last thing they expect to come home with is an injury. However, going shopping can be riskier than some people expect. Because the shelves are full of slippery produce, breakable jars and liquid-filled bottles, spills are an all-too-common occurrence. And when the floors are slippery as a result, customers can easily slip and fall, causing serious injuries in many cases. Argo Group, an insurer for grocery stores, has noted that most accidents in these kinds of retail stores are caused by spills or other obstacles.

Grocery stores have a responsibility to provide a safe area for their customers, especially as property owners are aware of the risks of spills and falls due to products and other debris. Store owners often use floor treatments, mop regularly and replace slip-resistant materials in order to make areas safe for customers. If a grocer refuses to take these steps to make the store reasonably protected from customer injuries, they may be held accountable for the accidents that do occur. In many cases, stores are using software programs in order to enhance safety and prevent customer injuries.

One type of software from Argo Group uses sensors and other materials to locate common sites of hazards and note the frequency with which employees visit and clean certain areas. When supermarkets don't keep track of how frequently they clean up spills and clear away debris, they can be liable when customers slip and fall.

Customers can expect to find a safe environment when they go shopping, and they have a right to expect that the stores they patronize will live up to safety standards. Someone who has been injured in a retail store slip-and-fall accident can work with a personal injury lawyer to pursue a premises liability claim for their damages, which may include medical bills and lost wages.