Airports May Require Tenants to Have Liability Insurance

For some New York small airports, premises liability coverage can be an important consideration. Property owners and even tenants can be held liable for injuries or other damages that occur as a result of negligence. Most companies doing business on airport property may be required to maintain such insurance as part of their contracts with the airport itself. In general, these contracts, part of the rental or purchase agreement with the airport, require tenants to carry liability insurance to cover costs that arise out of their own negligence.

There are several different types of liability insurance, but most provide the same general form of coverage that protects a business in case people are injured due to hazardous conditions, inadequate security, or other types of negligence. At the same time, some airports attempt to pass on all of their liability for negligence on to their tenants, a choice that can be questionable given the airport owner's responsibility for general maintenance and oversight of the property.

In most cases, airport leasing contracts lay out the specific type of premises liability coverage that each tenant needs to maintain. Even tenants who are not required to purchase such insurance as part of their contract should likely obtain it, because they are still responsible for injuries to others that happen on the property. While the most common type of premises liability claim is for a slip-and-fall accident, these claims can address a range of injuries that can occur as a result of an owner or tenant negligence.

When people are injured at an airport, shopping mall, or other business, they may need lengthy and expensive medical treatment. A personal injury lawyer can help people injured on someone else's property to pursue a premises liability claim for compensation for their pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.