Taking Action After an Injury on Public Buses in NYC


Thousands of people navigate the complicated infrastructure of New York City every day through the use of public transportation. Subways and buses help people reach their destinations, whether they live in New York or are simply visiting.

The vast majority of people arrive at their destination safely when using public transportation. Unfortunately, a small minority of individuals can find themselves suffering serious injuries after a ride on New York City public transportation.

Public transit injuries can range from minor to life-altering. Although pedestrians and others can wind up hurt by public transportation systems, the people who ride them can also end up injured. These individuals likely have legal rights, depending on the extent of their injury and the circumstances in which they suffered it.

Shortstops, sharp turns, and overcrowding can all lead to injuries

Sometimes, far too many people pack into a moving train or bus. When it is standing room only, the potential for injuries to people on public transportation goes up. People can easily lose their grip and fall during turns, acceleration or deceleration. When people fall, they can slam into walls, packages, bags or other people, injuring themselves or people nearby.

Even when a bus doesn't seem overcrowded, maneuvers that are necessary for public safety can cause injuries to the people on the bus. Stopping suddenly or turning rapidly to avoid striking a vehicle or individual could endanger the people on the bus by pushing them out of their seats or making them lose their grips and fall.

The potential for a collision also exists on public buses

While public transit is mostly safe, there is always the potential for a crash or collision to cause injury or death to the people on a bus. Bus drivers often do everything in their power to keep their passengers safe, but even they can't control issues like another vehicle that runs a red light.

Due to the lack of personal restraints and the structure of a public bus, collisions can result in catastrophic injuries for passengers. While buses may be much bigger than passenger vehicles, they don't always hold up well in collisions, even with smaller vehicles. People seem less aware of the risks of public transit, possibly due to active efforts to keep them from the public.

Those who wind up hurt on municipal transportation systems likely have questions about their rights. Thankfully, there are legal protections for anyone taking public transportation. Talking about your injuries and the circumstances that led to them with an experienced attorney is a good first step.

Negotiating compensation for personal injuries related to the New York City public transportation system isn't easy, but it can help make recovery easier for those who suffered serious injuries. You shouldn't be afraid to seek answers and learn about your rights as an injured passenger.