Bicyclist Killed in Bus Collision Near Central Park


Buses are a very important part of getting around New York. There used to be surface trolleys grinding on tracks through the cobblestone streets of Queens and Brooklyn, but buses now cover all of those routes since subway tunnels and elevated rails took all the trams off the streets.

Trolleys had their own problems, breaking up surfaces with rails and squealing through busy neighborhoods. But buses can be unpredictable, as they are steered by the drivers, and pack just as much of an impact when they strike things in their path. This is why Manhattan often has special bus lanes specifically for mass transit.

A bicyclist was killed when she was struck by a bus near Central Park. She was attempting to merge in traffic when she collided with the corner of a bus coming from the Bronx and was killed.

The driver of the bus continued on, unaware of the accident until bystanders signaled to stop. Last year set the record for bicyclists killed in traffic accidents on the streets of New York. Increased safety standards and more separation of bicycle traffic in the city is part of the government's plan to eliminate deaths in traffic -- but progress has been slow, at best.

Victims of all sorts of mass transit accidents in New York have the right to legal representation as they seek financial damages. An attorney may be able to determine if a city employee or transit worker may have been responsible for the incident, which may make the city liable for your losses. If a loved was killed in an accident with a negligent bus driver, you may still be able to pursue a wrongful death claim.