How Do We Know Which New York Bus Companies Are Safe?

Clinton Street in New York City may be more dangerous than a road in Clinton County upstate for a variety of reasons. For one thing, more people live on a block of the Lower East Side than in several towns in New York State. For another, there are far more cars per mile of road in the city. Just like there's a big difference in safety on different roads, the same is true for buses.

How much does bus safety matter in New York City?

City buses that run as part of New York City Transit have relatively similar safety procedures and hiring precautions, so some routes or models may have different features but the experience should be the same for all rides. But many private bus companies operate in the city, either on intracity routes or leaving for other destinations, and they may have very different ways to hire for and operate a bus line.

What factors into bus line safety?

A New York State Senate research project used an unsafe driving percentage level, based on their safety histories and other observations. Hours-of-service compliance, which regulates how often commercial drivers may work to avoid fatigue, may also be a factor. Vehicle maintenance also matters to safety.

What if I am involved in a bus accident?

Personal safety and the safety of others nearby are always the priorities in the case of an unexpected bus crash. An attorney may be one of the next ones, because legal representation can help analyze evidence after an accident and help claim financial damages for any injuries or other unfortunate results.