Settlements for Dog Bites Average Over $30,000


Many New York households include dogs that are often viewed as treasured family members. Despite the affection shown dogs by their owners, they have the potential to impose liability for injuries when they bite people. Roughly one-third of homeowner's liability insurance claims arise from dog bite injuries. The Insurance Information Institute has determined that the average settlement totaled $37,051 in 2017. Dog bit insurance claims went up by 2.2 percent that year and costs rose by over 11 percent.

The organization blamed the rising costs on more severe injuries and increasing medical costs. Judgments and jury awards to victims reflected these factors. Dog owners might reduce their risks of personal injury claims by training their dogs with positive methods and always supervising them around children. Dogs should not be allowed to access areas where deliveries are being made. Postal workers suffered over 6,000 dog bites in 2017.

Children fall victim to dogs frequently as well. From 2010 to 2012, 359,000 children experienced injuries caused by dogs. Children might trigger unexpected behavior in dogs if they push or hit them or fail to understand warning signs of aggression. Dogs that are not accustomed to children can become nervous around them and lash out.

A dog bite can inflict painful injuries that require medical treatment. After an animal attack, a person might want to talk to an attorney. A personal injury claim might be initiated on the basis of premises liability because a property owner or manager has a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for visitors. An attorney could prepare a claim against the responsible party's insurance or launch a lawsuit. To build the case, an attorney might organize pictures of the injuries and medical records to illustrate the pain and financial toll that resulted from the dog bite.