Woman Falls From Roller Coaster in Las Vegas Casino


New York residents who fear roller coasters may feel vindicated after hearing about the recent accident in Las Vegas. On March 25, a woman who fell from the "El Loco" roller coaster in the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino was taken to a nearby hospital. The extent of her injuries have not been disclosed.

Adventuredome Theme Park Under Investigation

The Adventuredome Theme Park at Circus Circus had to be closed after the incident, and the ride has been issued a Prohibited Use Notice. Until further notice is given, the ride will only be operated for the purposes of inspection and testing. Since the incident is still under investigation, it is unclear just how the woman fell off the ride.

How Safe was the Vegas Roller Coaster?

The El Loco roller coaster, which underwent more than 2,000 safety tests before being opened to the public in February 2014, travels in and out of the Circus Circus at speeds of up to 45 mph and reaches a height of 90 feet at its highest point. The vice president of operations for Adventuredome has said that the ride has several "unique elements" that necessitated extensive testing.

Possible Grounds for Premises Liability Claims

A case like this could lead to a premises liability claim if the accident was the result of some oversight on the casino's part. Premises liability claims can be filed after an incident on another party's property, be it a theme park, a mall, an office building, or a friend's home. For claims to be valid, there must be evidence that owners failed in their duty of care toward the entrant.

Since gathering such evidence can be difficult on one's own, a victim may want to retain an attorney. If the defendant is willing to negotiate for a settlement out of court, the attorney may handle this step.