What to Know About Premises Liability Cases


If a person gets hurt after slipping, tripping or falling on premises owned by another person or entity, they may file a premises liability lawsuit. This is generally true whether the accident occurs in New York or anywhere else in the country. The person who files a lawsuit must generally show that the property’s owner was negligent in allowing the injury to happen. There are many ways in which an individual may be able to prove their claim against a property owner.

An individual may claim that they tripped over a torn carpet or slipped on a wet floor. It’s also possible to assert that a lack of adequate lighting caused an injured victim to trip over an object on the ground. The plaintiff will probably need to prove that the owner was aware of a dangerous condition and failed to correct the issue.

A property owner knows about a condition if they created it or was alerted to it. If a condition existed for a sufficient length of time, it may be assumed that the owner or operator of a given space should have discovered and fixed it. To obtain compensation in a premises liability case, a plaintiff must have experienced some sort of injury.

A negligent property owner could be liable for medical bills or other damages resulting from a slip-and-fall accident. Pictures, videos, and other forms of evidence may bolster a victim’s assertion that they were the victim of a dangerous condition that was not fixed. A victim may use medical bills or doctor statements to show that they were injured and experienced a financial loss because of a property owner’s negligent behavior.