Injuries Can Happen to Anyone, Anywhere and at Any Time


Injuries can happen anywhere, even when emergency teams are responding to a call. Take, for example, a case reported on Oct. 16 out of Brooklyn. There, fire trucks collided with one another on a call.

According to the story, there were two fire trucks responding to a call in the area when they hit each other in Crown Heights. The impact led to 11 firefighters being transported to hospitals for treatment. One civilian, a pedestrian who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, also suffered injuries in the incident.

This is an interesting piece of news to discuss because it shows that no one is free from risk. You could be walking down the street and suddenly suffer an injury because of two vehicles colliding near you. You could be responding to an emergency call and have another vehicle fail to yield to you, leading to everyone getting hurt.

When accidents happen, you need to make sure you know the right process for filing a claim

When accidents happen, it’s important to handle the situation in the right manner and to file a claim correctly.

To start with, you should always call 911 if you are involved in an accident and any injuries occur. This will guarantee that help is on the way as soon as possible to provide care to those in need.

Next, if you’re able, it’s important to take a look at the scene and see if anyone needs help that you can provide. At this point, fault doesn’t matter. You should provide aid when you can.

After this, the police will arrive at the scene and make a report. You should also record information from the scene if you can. For example, you can exchange information with any witnesses you meet or with the other driver if they’re able. You can also take photos or a video of the scene to help with your claim in the future.

After help arrives, you should go to the hospital even if you feel fine. Many injuries won’t appear right away, because your body is filled with adrenaline and other chemicals that help keep you alive and aware of your surroundings. As those chemicals dissipate, you may begin to notice swelling, pain and other signs of injury. Going to the hospital means that you’ll be with medical providers who can help you understand what to expect.

Finally, let your attorney know about the accident, so that they can begin your claim. That way, you can focus on your health while they take care of the negotiations.