Reasons for Having Airport Premises Liability Insurance


Reasons for Having Airport Premises Liability Insurance

The owners, operators and lessors of airports in New York will want to make sure they have premises liability coverage. This can provide protection in the event of bodily injury or property damage on the airport or the section of it that they occupy.

What is Premise Liability Insurance? 

A person who controls a property must use "reasonable care" to keep any area safe for the public or any other invited people that may be expected to visit it. If a person does not do this and their failure to take care results in an injury or death, he or she may be liable for the consequences. Owners must either add a separate policy for premises liability or add it via an insurance endorsement. Having premise liability insurance in place protects from injury lawsuits. 

Examples of Sip & Fall Injuries 

For example, someone may slip and fall on a wet floor, fall down a flight of stairs after grabbing a loose railing or be struck by a falling object. In such cases, victims are justified in filing a premises liability claim against the owner for failing to maintain a reasonably safe property

Owners are advised to watch out for any clauses that might be unfair to either party. For instance, the hold harmless clause may keep one party free from blame for injuries or damage while an indemnity clause may be used to shift blame for an incident onto the other party. Breach of warranty clauses can be used against those who file suit over services that do not meet a certain standard.

Since they will likely have specific questions, airport owners should see an aviation insurance broker. A broker could analyze the clauses in an agreement and even provide quotes from various underwriting companies.

How We Can Help 

As for the victims of a slip-and-fall accident or other incidents, they may want to see a lawyer who understands premises liability. If the case has good grounds, the lawyer might hire investigators to gather proof against the property owner. This may include the incident report and any eyewitness testimony or surveillance footage. The lawyer may then be able to negotiate for a fair settlement reimbursing victims for their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and more. Victims may litigate if negotiations fail. Contact us today!