Premises Liability Claimed After Woman Injured Carving a Pumpkin


People who take part in contests in New York and across the United States might think it is all in fun. However, in some of these situations, people are using potentially dangerous objects and participating in stunts that could cause injury or a fatality. The risk is evident in an incident in which a woman severely cut her hand during a pumpkin carving contest.

The Colorado woman filed a lawsuit seeking compensation after cutting her right hand while taking part. The contest was held in October 2018 and was overseen by a club from the University of Colorado. Using sharp knives, she and four other students had a race to carve pumpkins. She says that the competitors were encouraged to speed up their carving. As she was doing so, the knife slid and cut her, severing tendons and nerves in her right hand.

She asserts that a major issue was the lack of protective devices and clothing. Those in the contest were not given guidance on how to carve the pumpkin safely. As she was being taken for treatment, three other participants were also cut. After an initial six-hour surgical procedure, she has had physical therapy and still has problems with movement, pain, full mobility and numbness.

Being injured while on a property belonging to another or when involved in an activity can lead to massive medical costs, lost income and a dramatically changed life. It can even lead to death. Those who have been hurt in these circumstances should remember that they have rights, and those who were supposed to be in charge had a responsibility to ensure that the area and the event was safe. It might be useful to contact a law firm experienced in premises liability to seek compensation for all that was lost.