All Motor Vehicle Collisions in New York Require Records


If a person or a person's vehicle is in a collision in New York City, it may not even make bystanders bat an eye. People on the streets of Manhattan are used to all sorts of activities and generally mind their own business. But this strange urban routine does not make it all right that an accident happened, even if the city government was involved.

The truth is that all sorts of drivers can make mistakes and city-owned vehicles hit things all the time. Drivers may be distracted by what seemed to be a bigger risk, or problems can occur while they seem to be no one's fault. But a lot of city employees are under all sorts of pressure. For all you know, their supervisor may have been responsible by scheduling someone too much.

Motor vehicle collisions of all sorts in New York involve accident reports if they involved any damage or injury. Police precincts are required to keep collision reports of all accidents in their jurisdictions for 30 days after the incident. Anyone involved in the accident can request a copy of this report for insurance or evidence purposes.

After a month, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles keeps the records. Even if official vehicles were involved, these reports may help show the cause or the liability behind the accident.

Anyone in a collision with a municipal car or truck may have a case for financial damages to correct any damage or injury. An attorney can review an incident's records for this possibility and help victims become whole.