Elevated Train Crashes to Street Level in the Bronx


Trains are safe in general when they being operated properly. If it seems that they have safety problems a lot in New York City, it may simply be the fact that the metropolis relies more on trains for transit inside and between the Five Boroughs. But accidents do happen, and they can be dangerous.

recent accident on an elevated section of train tracks in the Bronx shows the risks that are reasonable in the city that never sleeps. A minor derailment in the Parkchester station serving the 6 line sent a subway car onto street level, delaying traffic on the rails and on the road below.

The cause of the incident, in which one axle and two wheels left the rail, is being investigated by transit authorities. Another train was required to bring afternoon passengers to their destinations in the Bronx and elsewhere in the city.

Although no one was reported to have suffered serious injuries in the incident, the forces and speeds involved in train crashes often have the potential to cause serious injury or even death. If an operator or employee of the transit system is liable for an incident involving a New York City subway or train, the victims may have a case in civil court for financial damages.

It's hard to put a dollar value on injuries or the loss of life, as these tragic events always count as unpredictable and seemingly cruel. But life can go on, especially with the help of reimbursement for related expenses and compensation for emotional distress suffered after a transit accident.