Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Meat Loaf for 2019 Fall

Meat Loaf fans in New York may be interested in a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of the singer and actor. The musician was injured after falling from a stage at a horror convention in May 2019. The lawsuit alleges that the hotel at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport where the convention was held was unsafe.

Both Hyatt Corporation and Frightmare Weekend LLC are named in the suit. The suit claims that Meat Loaf was injured while answering audience questions during a question-and-answer portion of the convention. Meat Loaf alleges that he stepped back onto the curtain and that there was nothing there, causing him to fall. The complaint called the incident a hidden hazard and that the hotel behaved negligently in not ensuring the stage was set up properly.

The 72-year-old performer was brought via ambulance to a Dallas medical center following the incident where he was treated for severe collarbone, neck, and shoulder injuries. He spent 42 days in the hospital while he recovered from the injuries, and then underwent months of physical therapy. Meat Loaf is asking for an undetermined amount of money to recover medical and compensatory damages as a result of the injuries.

Businesses that hold conventions have the responsibility of ensuring the premises are safe for visitors and guest performers. When a business or property owner does not take the proper safety measures, they may be responsible for legal damages related to premises liability. A personal injury lawyer could help a victim by filing a civil suit against the applicable parties. In this case, the hotel and convention owners allegedly behaved negligently by not checking the stage. The curtains were placed in a way that masked the end of the stage, which caused Meat Loaf to fall. The hotel may choose to settle the case by paying medical and compensatory damages.