What Do We Do if a New York Municipal Vehicle Hits Us?

Many New Yorkers don't have cars, but there are still millions of vehicles in the city. Thousands of them are owned by the city or one of its departments, and city employees get into accidents like everyone else.

What should I do if I am in a car accident?

The first priority is always safety. Drivers must put their vehicles in the park and attend to any injuries before anything else. If there are no injuries or if they are being managed by emergency professionals, it may be time to gather evidence like photographs of the accident scene.

Do the police have to be involved?

It is often a good idea to call the police immediately, as any accident requiring either insurance claims or injuries must be reported to the New York City Police Department. The report that responding officers file will probably be required by any insurer or in a case for financial damages.

What are municipal employees required to do?

A certified driver in a municipal accident must know the procedures for responding to and reporting an accident, especially when it involves another person or vehicle. He or she must also stay with the vehicle and report any emergency immediately. The form that the driver must file may be useful as evidence in the future.

How do I get help with a claim?

An attorney can always help someone involved in a New York car accident with a municipal vehicle. A lawyer can help figure out who is liable and if a claim is a smart strategy to help with recovery.