Winter Weather Poses a Hazard to Pedestrians

The winter months come with beautiful scenery, but they also come with specific hazards for people who have to venture out during the cold weather. It is important that pedestrians, people who will have to spend time outside, and those who are responsible for exterior pathway care, take steps to improve safety.

One of the risks that come with this weather is slipping and falling. The wintry weather makes the sidewalks, streets, and other surfaces very slippery. There are things, such as shoveling the spaces and using salt, that can improve traction, but safety is still important.

Types of injuries that can occur

The type of injury that you incur depends on the way you fall and which body parts take the brunt of the impact. You can end up with a fractured wrist when you try to catch yourself as you fall. Other fractures, including your arm and ankle, are possible.

You might also suffer from a concussion. This is true whether you hit your head or not. Some concussions can occur due to your head being whipped about in a violent manner.

You might also suffer joint dislocations, such as a dislocated knee. Muscle strains are also common. You may end up with shoulder, neck, or back injuries. Cuts and bruises are also common.

Treatments for wintry weather injuries

Some of these injuries won't require medical care. However, more serious injuries like fractures and head injuries will need prompt care. It is imperative that you follow the treatment plan for these injuries so that you can heal.

If you do fall and aren't showing signs of an injury right away, you might still have one. Some injuries take a day or longer to show up so you should make sure that you are paying close attention to how you feel.

Preventing slip-and-fall accidents

Treating the surfaces where people will walk is one way that these accidents can be prevented. People who are walking around should take their time and walk carefully. Wearing shoes that increase traction also helps.

If you do feel yourself falling, try to avoid using your hands to catch yourself. Too much pressure on your wrists can cause them to snap.

If the area where you slip is on someone else's property and it isn't treated properly, you might opt to pursue a compensation claim.