NTSB Releases Report on 2017 New York Bus Accident


On Feb. 21, the National Transportation Safety Board released a report on a fatal charter bus crash that happened in New York in 2017. The bus was traveling at approximately 60 miles per hour when it ran a red light and hit a city bus. The driver, a pedestrian and a passenger on the city bus were all killed.

Authorities determined that a mobile phone was not a distraction for the driver. However, a thermos that rolled between the accelerator and brake pedals may have been a factor in or a cause of the crash. After the crash, investigators found the thermos near its pedals. The NTSB was unable to make a definitive statement about its role.

The bus had a video and sound recorder, and just before the accident happened, a metal rattling sound was heard along with an expletive from the driver. The vehicle then accelerated suddenly, and the brakes were not used. The report said the driver was conscious and aware but could not control the speed of the bus. There were efforts to recreate the metal rattling noise and determine if the thermos made it, but they were not conclusive.

When a bus driver causes a traffic accident, the transportation company may be financially liable for the expenses of the injured victims. Family members of people killed in such accidents may also be eligible for compensation. This compensation might cover medical expenses for treatment just after the accident as well as any long-term care required. A lawyer could help a victim fight for a fair settlement that covers all crash-related damages.