How Supermarket Owners Are Keeping Safety Risks in Check


Grocery store owners in New York are aware of the various dangers their property can pose to customers. Slip and trip hazards like liquids, food and even coupons on the floor are a great concern for many owners, so it is standard that owners regularly change out slip-resistant mats, ensure the right floor treatments, and have employees mop up floors immediately after spills.

However, some customers present a challenge to creating a safe shopping environment. For example, elderly customers will have poor eyesight, and toddlers will be toddlers. This is where new technology can play a significant role. Argo Risk Tech is an app that anyone in the grocery and retail industry can use to reduce accidents among customers.

What it does is use floor sensors and other tech to find out how often employees walk the aisles in search of hazards to eliminate. Employers can then work to improve safety compliance among employees. The device also photographs the site of slip and falls, notes any witnesses and lets victims report the incident that same day. This reduces by about 10 times the cost of handling injury cases.

Argo Group, which developed the app, also offers sensor- and thermometer-based devices that measure the risk for food-borne illnesses. Thus, perishable items can be kept at the right temperature.

A slip and fall could open the supermarket owner to the possibility of facing a premises liability claim. Victims may want a lawyer for advice and guidance since filing a claim is a complicated process. Third-party investigators may need to come in to gather data, such as that recorded by the app mentioned above. The lawyer may then negotiate for a fair settlement covering medical expenses, lost wages, and other applicable damages.