Driver's Health Problem Causes Bus Crash in Brooklyn


Having a commercial driver's license to operate a bus, semi-truck or other large, commercial vehicle requires extra training and testing on safe operations.

But even competent drivers are still human, and an inadvertent error or problem may still be damaging or hurtful to New York residents. A recent bus accident in Brooklyn apparently started when the driver suffered a medical episode that caused him to lose control of the bus.

The vehicle then allegedly hit a car, some parked cars and at least one pedestrian. Eight people, including the pedestrian, were injured, although the injuries were mostly minor. The accident caused transit delays in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn.

There are many people and processes that keep transit moving in a big metropolis like New York City. The agencies that employ these commercial drivers may be liable for financial damages when accidents like this Brooklyn bus wreck happen. Regardless of the negligence or intent of the driver or any criminal charges that may be related to a crash, the injured parties have the right to seek civil justice.

Documentation is one of the most important things to keep in mind after a bus accident occurs. Records can help a personal injury attorney proceed with a lawsuit or claim for their clients after a crash. Legal representation is also a good idea to have during the claims process, as city attorneys will most likely be involved in settlement offers, especially if the cases wind up in civil court. Failing to act quickly can cause a case to proscribe and the claimant to forego any financial recovery.