Who Is Responsible for an Accident on Premises?

If you trip on your own furniture in your own home, it's hard to deny that you made a mistake. You picked where to live, you chose the furniture and you put it where it is. But what if you get hurt on someone else's property? Who is to blame?

Where does the buck stop in a premises liability case?

There are several parties that could possibly be at fault if you have been injured on property that is controlled and maintained as a public space. Under New York law, a person or entity in control of a property like this owes a duty to take reasonable care for visitors' safety.

Who is in control of a property?

This is where a lawsuit may get tricky. The owner of a property is ultimately responsible for the safety of people who are willingly on public space. But there are many properties in New York that are owned by limited-liability corporations and other entities that may prove difficult to pin down.

Who else may be responsible?

Managers who have been delegated control of properties and who are often on the front lines of safety-related decisions, are often liable as well in these incidents. Occasionally, contractors and others who had some sort of control over safety precautions on-site may also have liability under the law.

Who can help figure all this out?

An attorney is often the person to help work out the ways a person can seek recovery from a slip and fall or other premises-related injuries. A lawyer can help identify who was legally responsible.