Brooklyn Bus Accident Claims Cyclist's Life


New York City would be a very different place without buses. It would probably be far more crowded with cars and trucks, as more people would have to rely on their own vehicles to get around or between boroughs. Although buses help run the city, their drivers and mechanics are not infallible, no matter how careful they are in their work.

An investigation is underway into an incident in which a bicyclist was killed in a collision with a New York City bus. The biker was attempting a left turn in Brooklyn when the bus continued on to strike him. He was pronounced dead after medical care.

The investigation will be aided by video footage of the incident, which shows the bus outside of the assigned bus lane and moving around the cyclist. It was not immediately clear if the cyclist attempted the turn at this time.

Incidents like these may be the responsibility of a bus driver. In some cases, a mechanic or other transit employee may have failed at a critical task that could have prevented a tragic loss. If this is the case, regardless of prosecutors' interest in the case, a claim for financial damages can help ease this terrible time for the families of victims.

Money may seem like a hollow comfort after the loss of a life or a serious injury. But an attorney can point out how this can mean financial security at a time of great uncertainty and a lot of hidden costs beyond the emotional toll of the consequences of a bus accident.