What Happens After a Slip and Fall?


If you have to ask what a slip-and-fall lawsuit is, you may be in a bad spot because of an accident that was someone else's fault. Although we often go through life affected by other people's actions, they may be on the hook for the consequences if those actions probably led to injury or death.

What is a slip-and-fall lawsuit?

The technical term for a lawsuit like this is a personal injury or premises liability lawsuit. The two names imply two important things about a case. The first is that a person must be shown to have experienced pain or injury as the result of an incident. The second is that a person had the responsibility to try and prevent this incident, and it may not have happened if they acted correctly.

Why is it called a slip-and-fall lawsuit?

A common type of personal injury is when a storekeeper or owner fails to keep a public area free of obstructions that could cause a fall, and therefore, an injury. In this type, a person literally slips and falls.

How long does someone have to file a lawsuit like this?

New York State law says that potential victims of premises liability have three years from the date of an accident to file a lawsuit for damages. This applies to product liability as well, which is a company's responsibility to make or distribute goods that will not cause injury or hazard.

How can I get help with a slip-and-fall lawsuit?

An attorney can always help a victim of personal injury. A lawyer can file a lawsuit or push one towards a verdict or settlement.